Stork WHR 960

This compact heat recovery unit is designed for application of balanced ventilation systems for the utility. You can think of (small) offices, (sport) canteens, practice areas and in the hospitality industry. The air is sucked gives its heat to the entirely separated and filtered fresh air. The high efficiency is not necessarily reheating. This allows reducing drafts, but without sound (and out of) be ventilated adequately. Thus, a comfortable indoor climate can be realized.

  • Available in basic and deluxe version;
  • Counter flow heat exchanger 95% thermal efficiency;
  • DC motors 50% saving on energy consumption;
  • Air supply and exhaust individually adjustable via display;
  • Standard 100% bypass for free cooling;
  • Standard with frost protection;
  • High air flow of 570 m³ / h at 200 Pa;
  • WHR 960 Luxe can be extended with the Comfort Artic cooling;
  • Qualifies for EIA in use in existing buildings

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