Ventilators TwinFresh Standard Series

TwinFresh Standard series includes three models: TwinFresh R-50 with automatic shutters and a round air duct for installation in premises under refurbishment; TwinFresh S1-50 with automatic air shutters and TwinFresh S-60 without air shutters and a square air duct for installation in premises under construction.

The single-room ventilator TwinFresh Standart series is an easy and effective solution for arranging of decentralized energy saving ventilation in separate rooms, cottages, public and commercial premises.


  • Efficient supply and exhaust single room ventilation
  • High-tech ceramic energy accumulator with regenerating efficiency up to 90%
  • Reversible EC ventilator with low energy demand from 2.8 up to 4.8 W and safe voltage 12 V
  • Integrated automation
  • Silent operation (14-41 dBA)
  • Easy mounting and servicing
  • Filters with total filter class G3 ensure air cleaning
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • No condensate generation during operation

TwinFresh Standard series includes three models:

  • TwinFresh R-50 with automatic shutters and a round air duct for installation in premises under refurbishment;
  • TwinFresh S1-50 with automatic air shutters and TwinFresh S-60 without air shutters and a square air duct for installation in premises under construction.

Integrated automation system enables speed control and operation mode setting. The control panel is rated for controlling unlimited number of connected ventilators thus enabling integration of numerous ventilators into a central controlled ventilation system.

TwinFresh R-50
with a round Ø150 mm air duct and automatic shutters
TwinFresh S1-50
with a square 164x164 mm air duct and
automatic shutters
TwinFresh S-60
with a square 164x164 mm air duct

TwinFresh ventilator design

The ventilator consists of a telescopic air duct with adjustable length, a ventilation unit, a mounting plate and an outer ventilation hood.

The inner part of the telescope comprises two filters and a ceramic energy accumulator (regenerator).

Ventilation grille

The modern ventilation grille design let it match well with any interior. All the TwinFresh and TwinFresh Comfo ventilators are equipped with automatic shutters, except for TwinFresh S-60 and SA-60.

Fan is OFF
(the automatic shutters are closed)
Fan is ON
(the louver shutters are opened)

The models TwinFresh S1, SA1 and SA as well as TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50, SA1-35, RA1-35 and RA1-25 are equipped with a decorative front panel internally lined up with an insulation layer for extra sound attenuation.

Сeramic energy accumulator (regenerator)

The high-tech ceramic energy accumulator with regeneration efficiency up to 90% is used for extract air heat energy recovery and supply air heating. Due to its cellular structure, the unique energy accumulator has larger air contact area and excellent heat conducting and accumulating properties.

The ceramic energy accumulator has a special anti-bacterial treatment to prevent bacteria generation inside of the regenerator. The antibacterial treatment is rated for 10 years operation. The inner side of the regenerator is lined up with a heat insulating material used a sealer as well.

Telescopic air duct

The square telescopic air ducts in the TwinFresh ventilators are made of polymer coated metal lined with insulating material and round air ducts are made of PVC plastic. The telescope length is adjustable to the wall thickness which makes mounting quick and easy.

Air filters

Two built-in filters with total filter class G3 are used to clean supply and extract air flows. The filters ensure fresh air cleaning of dust and insects and prevent the ventilator parts from soiling. The filters have antibacterial treatment. The filters are cleaned either with a vacuum cleaner or flushed with water with no harm to the antibacterial treatment.

Reversible EC fan

Air is supplied or extracted by a reversible axial fan with EC motor. Due to EC technology the fan is distinguished with low energy demand. The fan is powered by safe voltage 12 V. The motor has integrated overheating protection and ball bearings for long service life.

Mounting plate

The TwinFresh Comfo series models are equipped with a mounting plate which facilitates servicing of the fans, filters and the regenerator. The ventilation unit is fixed to the mounting plate with special magnets and contact sockets.

The ventilator inner parts are accessible by pulling the ventilation unit by hand. The contacts sockets on the ventilator mounting plate serve to integrate numerous ventilators into a single ventilation network and enable their synchronous operation. The model TwinFresh Comfo RA1-25 has no mounting plate and is not suitable for integration of several ventilators into a single network.

Outer ventilation hood

The specially designed outer hood enables removal of extract air flow and condensate that is generated inside of the outer hood from the building wall.

Besides, the outer hood prevents ingress of water and foreign objects in the ventilator. The outer hood is internally covered with insulating material that absorbs street noise penetration into the room through the ventilator and prevents condensate generation in the outer hood.

The outer hood EH is made of polymer coated aluminium.

The outer hood EH-2 for thin walls is made of polymer coated stainless steel. Due to its labyrinth structure of the outer hood air flow changes its direction several times and the ventilator is protected against direct wind impact.

Power cable

The TwinFresh Comfo series is equipped with a pre-wired power cable. The ventilator is ready for operation and requires no extra electrical connections.

Just insert the power cable plug into a power outlet and enjoy fresh air. If the cables must be flush mounted or several ventilators must be integrated into the single network just disconnect the power cable from the ventilator.

TwinFresh ventilator operating logic

The ventilator is designed both for reversible mode with energy regeneration and for supply or extract mode with no regeneration.


CYCLE I. Warm stale air is extracted from the room, then it passes through the ceramic energy accumulator and while flowing through it, heats and moistens the ceramic accumulator and transfers up to 90% of the contained thermal energy. As the ceramic accumulator gets heated, the ventilator switches to supply mode automatically.

CYCLE II. Clean fresh air from outside passes through the ceramic energy accumulator, absorbs moisture and is heated up to the room temperature due to the accumulated heat. As temperature of the accumulator drops down, the fan switches to extract mode and the cycle is renewed. The ventilator changes its operation mode between supply and extract ventilation every 70 seconds.


TwinFresh Standard control and operation modes

The ventilator automation system enables operation in four modes:

  1. Ventilation mode (extract or supply) at low speed
  2. Ventilation mode (extract or supply) at high speed
  3. Reversible mode (regeneration) at low speed
  4. Reversible mode (regeneration) at high speed

The units are operated either with the control panel (KVR or KVS) or the control and power unit (KVR-T 2 (220/12) or KVS-T 12 (220/12)).

The 12 W control and power units KVR-T 12 (220/12) and KVS-T 12 (220/12) are included into delivery sets of the TwinFresh RA-50, SA1-50 and SA-60 ventilators and comprise the KVR or KVS control panel as well as the TRF 220/12-12 in one casing.

The 12 W power transformer TRF 220/12-12 is capable to power up to 4 ventilators.

The 40 W power transformer TRF 220/12-40 is capable to power up to 11 ventilators.

One ventilator equipped with a control and power unit, i.e. TwinFresh RA, is capable to connect three TwinFresh R ventilators with no extra accessories.

One KVR or KVS control panel and several transformers are used for integration of several ventilators into a single ventilation network.

Ventilation system arrangement example based on TwinFresh ventilators

To arrange a ventilation system based on TwinFresh ventilators install one ventilator in each room. For larger premises, install two or more ventilators.

TwinFresh ventilators are suitable for use as single units or for integration into a ventilation network.

Operation mode of each ventilator installed in a separate room is individually adjustable. To start operating the TwinFresh Comfo ventilator you only have to connect it to a power outlet. For the TwinFresh Standard model you have to connect the control and power unit first.

While integrating many ventilators into a single network one part of them must be set into air supply mode and the other part must be set into air extract mode. It is advisable to use paired units to ensure balanced ventilation.

In reversible mode operation with heat and moisture energy regeneration the ventilators TwinFresh change their operation mode each 70 seconds and transfer the heat and moisture energy from extract air to supply air and thus save heat in winter and coolness in summer.

Air flows from one room to another through door grilles, openings or halls and provides that way required circulation in a premise.

An energy regeneration ventilation system based on theTwinFresh ventilators is designed to save operating costs for heating and air conditioning.

To arrange the most energy efficient ventilation in a kitchen or in a bathroom we recommend to install in the kitchen or in the bathroom the fans of VENTS iFan series that extracts air on a signal from the activated motion or humidity sensor.

TwinFresh Standard mounting example

Mounting into a wall with a standard thickness using EH outer hood

Mounting into a thin wall using EH-2 outer hood

Angular mounting using NP 60x204-0021 kit (TwinFresh RA-50-5 model)

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