VENTS iFan series

Intellectual axial fans for exhaust ventilation with air capacity up to 133 m3/h.


  • Innovative exhaust fan with stylish design for new comfort level in shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other residential premises.
  • Intellectual integrated control functions let adjust personal settings for the most balanced microclimate.


Multifunctional control panel

  • Provides easy control of the VENTS iFan intellectual functions.

3D design

  • Front panel 3D design and rich colour palette of replaceable decorative panels give zest to the
    most refined interior.

Versatile mounting

  • VENTS iFan is suitable for horizontal and top installation.

Replaceable spigots

  • Due to replaceable spigots the fan is suitable for mounting with Ø100 or Ø125 mm air ducts.

Silent impeller

  • Specially designed impeller profile takes care of minimum sound pollution - only 21 dBA .

Detachable motor

  • The motor-impeller block is easy to remove without special tools which grants easy servicing.
  • The fan has a ultra-thin casing with its thickness only 29 mm without a spigot.
  • The fan is equipped with an integrated on/ off power slide switch for quick disconnection from power mains.

VENTS iFan remote controller


  • Reliable motor on ball bearings with minimum energy demand up to 3.8 W.
  • The bearings are maintenance-free and are filled with grease for the motor service life.
  • The fan is powered through an integrated pulse power supply unit with a wide power supply range from 100 to 240 V and 50 to 60 Hz. The fan is suitable for application in various countries and has stable operation in versatile power mains.
  • The motor is installed on a rubber anti-vibration connector for vibration absorbing and silent fan operation.
  • The motor is equipped with overheating protection.

Modifications and Options

  • iFan - Basic model with intellectual humidity control.
  • iFan Move - Model with intellectual humidity control and extra motion sensor control.

Intellectual functions

  • Multi-functional control panel for control of intellectual functions.

Control panel VENTS iFan

  HUMIDITY MODE / Humidity control adjustment
TIMER / Fan switch delay time control / runout time control
SPEED / Fan speed adjustment
SWITCH DELAY / Fan switch delay control
24 HOURS / Non-stop ventilation
MODE / Fan operation mode control

Control panelVENTS iFan Move

  HUMIDITY MODE / Humidity control adjustment
TIMER / Fan switch delay time control / runout time control
SPEED / Fan speed adjustment
ON/OFF MOVE / Turning motion sensor on/off
SWITCH DELAY / Fan switch delay control
24 HOURS / Non-stop ventilation
MODE / Fan operation mode control

Intellectual functions

HUMIDITY MODE / Humidity control adjustment

The fan is equipped with an intellectual humidity sensor with three operation modes:

  • SLEEP – the fan is ready to accept a signal from the humidity sensor or external switch.
  • SILENT – optimum humidity extraction mode that provides sufficient air capacity (up to 83 m3/h) combined with silent operation.
  • MAX – excessive humidity extraction mode with highest speed and maximum air capacity (up to 133 m3/h).

TIMER / Control of time / humidity extraction / switch delay time / turn-off delay time

The fan is equipped with three timers:

  • Humidity timer - setting of the fan operation for total humidity extraction after its stabilization (30, 45, 60 min).
  • Turn-off timer - the fan continues operation for 5, 15 or 30 minutes after activation of the motion sensor or the external switch and then reverts to the previous operation mode.
  • Switch delay timer - adjust the switch delay timer to avoid the fan unnecessary switching if you use your bathroom shortly and frequently. After humidity increases or after signal from the external switch/motion sensor, the fan switches to higher speed not immediately, but after the timer countdown (0,2 and 5 minutes).

SPEED / Fan speed adjustment

The fan has smooth ten step speed control:
- for SILENT mode: from 40/33 to 83/72 m3/h (Ø125/100 mm);
- for MAX mode: from 83/72 to 133/106 m3/h (Ø125/100 mm);

MOVE / Motion sensor (for the model iFan Move)

The fan is switched to SILENT mode automatically in case of a signal from the motion sensor with the reach distance 1-4 m and viewing angle 100°.

24 HOURS / Permanent ventilation

Permanent low-speed operation mode ensures continuous minimum air exchange in the room with air capacity 40/33 m3/h (Ø125/100 mm). After humidity change the fan is switched to MAX mode (by default) or SILENT mode. The fan is switched to SILENT mode after signal from the motion sensor or external switch.

Automatic interval ventilation

Integrated function of automatic ventilation switching. Once in 15 hours the fan is switched on for 2 hours to ventilate the premise with air capacity 83/72 m3/h (Ø125/100 mm).

* The fan air capacity may vary depending on the adapter diameter.

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