Air Sterilizer 30

Product Features

Thanks to its tall design the unit:

• requires minimum floor space;
• fits into any environment with its neutral appearance;
• sterilizes the air efficiently by effective ventilation;
• operates silently thanks to the energy-efficient EC fans;
• is easy to maintain.
• The corrosion class C4 aluminium housing (painted with antistatic
epoxy powder coating) is easy to clean.

Some of the advantages of the unit compared to other
air sterilizers:

The unit inactivates the pathogens that have passed through the filter, without creating any harmful by-products.
As a result of efficient filtering and UV radiation, the air leaving the unit is practically sterile.
Unlike other UV-C emitters used in medical environments (e.g. in operating rooms), which do not allow people to stay in the room during operation, this air sterilizer is optically closed, which makes it suitable for continuous operation in doctors’ offices, waiting rooms, hospital rooms etc.
It generates an airflow that pushes the airborne particles downwards and cleans the room’s air via continuous circulation through the unit, without creating whirls.

Thanks to its tall design the unit:
The unit works as follows (from bottom to top):

The air is drawn into the unit at the bottom by the EC fans.
The air then goes through the filter which filters the majority of airborne particles.
With powerful UV-C radiation the UV resonator inactivates even the smallest pathogens that pass through the filter.
The sterilized air is then recirculated into the room through the top of the unit.

Width (mm) 820
Depth (mm) 200
Height (mm) 2180
Nominal airflow (m3/h) 420
Recommended floor space for 5 times/hour complete air
recirculation (m2) 30
Filter type and size (mm) M6 756x502-22
Power supply (V) 230
Max. consumption (W) 170

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